Cookie Policy

Why do we collect data on the use of online services?

In order for Enfuce’s website and services to function smoothly and securely, we collect data on those who visit our website and on the use of our services.

How do we collect data on the use of online services?

We receive data on the use of online services by using session cookies and other such technologies. Session cookies exist only during a single visit, and are deleted automatically when the browser is closed. Session cookies are needed, for example, for providing online banking services.

How do we use the data?

When you visit Enfuce’s website, we collect essential data to make sure that the service works reliably and securely.

Essential data

With the help of essential data needed to provide the service, we make sure that the website works reliably and securely. Enfuce is, as a responsible company, committed to protecting the privacy of its customers in compliance with data protection legislation. For more information on privacy and data protection, see For further details on our privacy policy, see